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The Species Barrier #26 Podcast & Show Notes

Episode 26 of The Species Barrier radio show... more from Gary Francione. Why was the Abolitionist Vegan Society formed and is dog rescue a single issue campaign? He also offers his opinions on everything from badger culls, animal rights, vivisection and Peter Singer, to cat-binner Mary Bale, fur, veal and violence!

Simon, chairman of Lincoln Darwin Field Wildlife Group drops by to discuss the wildlife at Darwin Field and the threats that they face from proposed developments. Also Jez, Chef at Lincoln's first vegan pop up restaurant Veggie Village joins us to tell us more about their past and future plans.

In the news Al Gore faces up to "the inconvenient truth" and finally follows a plant-based diet and George Monbiot also accepts veganism as the environmentalist diet. Also the Tories criticise Labour plans to build on greenbelt land, other animals just as intelligent as humans and a Philippines delegate goes on hunger strike during Warsaw climate conference in the wake of Hurricane Haiyan.

Having a field day at Lincoln Wildlife site

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Here's One Veggie Village made earlier
The Species Barrier 23 Show Notes:
Phillipines delegate goes on hunger strike after Haiyan: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/12/world/europe/poland-philippines-sano-cop/ 
Gary Francione's website:  http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/

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