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Vegan cheese- Violife

Violife kindly sent Marcus and I a sample of all their vegan cheeses and to sum up this whole review, they were gone in less than a week and we were two very happy (if not slightly heavier) people!! I'll go through them one by one and give you an opinion and star rating on each flavour so you can decide which one(s) to get (pizza!!).  The cheeses are soya free and palm oil free, how cool is that!


The original is creamy, smells like cow's cheese, has a texture like processed cheese and most impressively MELTS!! It's great out the pack or as a toastie. Very good. 4/5 stars, only reason it's not higher is some of the other flavours are amazingly even better!

Thanks to Veganoo for the picture, they're better at pictures than me :)

 Very very good, gives added flavour and works well to flavour cheesy dishes 4.5/5

Red Pepper:
Marcus's favourite enough said 5/5 according to Marcus

Tomato and Basil:
 Great on vegan burgers! When fried with the burger it goes crispy, guess all the flavours do. So like cow's cheese! 4.5/5

A little sharp but green olives are, still good. 4/5

Pizza flavoured:
GO BUY THIS NOW. Seriously, the most amazing cheese, dairy or otherwise I have ever tasted, ate my half of the pack in about 15 minutes then tried to see if Marcus would miss his half. In fact I'm going to stop writing this review and buy some now. 6/5!!

Hot Peppers:
Marcus ate this one as I dont like hot peppers, he enjoyed it and said the slices would be nice on top of a pizza to give a little spice. 4/5


 I ate this one as Marcus doesnt like mushrooms and man was I glad he doesn't, this comes second to the pizza one, it is very creamy with the flavour of mushroom really adding some pizazz! 5/5

 Olive Oil

 Olive oil is a nice touch, makes the cheese even smoother than original. Less tangy than olive one. Could easily just eat on its own or would be nice as a toastie. 4.5/5


Very like cheddar, i'll admit it wasn't my favourite but I never really ate cheddar much so i'm biased! 4/5

Shredded Pizza Cheese
This stuff is amazing, it goes stringy, melts, tastes like cheese even smells like the stuff and is soya free!!! One tip, it likes moisture so I melt a little vitalite/pure and mix the cheese in with it then put it on top of the tomato base of the pizza. I made a pizza for a little boy's 6th Birthday party with lots of non vegan kids and no-one knew the difference!


Overall they are the best cheeses i've tried on the vegan market and not over priced like other companies. Go try them and send us your reviews :)

For stockists, please see the Veganic UK website: veganicfoods.co.uk


East Midlands Vegan Festival

The East Midlands Vegan Festival,the biggest vegan event in the East midlands is coming to wonderful lincoln. After plenty of venue searching the Drill Hall in the beautiful historic city of lincoln was chosen to resurrect the exceptionally successful festival. The festival attracted over 2000 people in 2009 before losing its venue due to its success. It will be one of the very few vegan festivals in the UK with free entry. Featuring a huge variety of stalls from award winning cupcakes from London to designer vegan shoes, raw chocolate to doggy treats this is a not miss event!
With talks on a variety of subjects and a kids show by Cbeebies Dominic Berry why not stick around for a while?
If you get peckish there will be free food samples, hot vegan food, sweet treats and more. So mark the day on your calender. October 12th  10am to 4pm, Lincoln Drill Hall



The Species Barrier #23 Podcast & Show Notes

The Species Barrier is back from a break. Coming up in episode #23… just how damaging is flying? We hear from activists representing Plane Stupid, Airport Watch and Stop Stansted Expansion Now. An industry spokesperson also offers a defence of their activities.

Also World Population Day, half of humans without water by 2030, food production not keeping pace with human numbers, whales and dolphins adversely affected by sonar, Natural England approves wildlife culls for the shooting industry and Chinese lanterns blamed for recycling plant fire.

Listen to The Species Barrier 23 Aviation: Here

Or download/listen to the MP3 (Save as): Here

Polluting Planes... should they stay grounded?

The Species Barrier 23 Show Notes:

Population cancels efficiency gains: http://www.trust.org/item/20130531145822-jlky7/

Food productivity not keeping pace with population: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/jun/20/crop-yeilds-world-population

Half the human population to be without water by 2030: http://www.un.org/sg/statements/?nid=6679

Plane Stupid's Polar Bear Film: http://www.planestupid.com/polarbears

Stop Stansted Expansion: http://www.stopstanstedexpansion.com/