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Merry Christmas

Pictures taken by Wanda Embar, Vegan Peace at Farm Sanctuary.

We at VOLE hope you have a fantastic Vegan Christmas. No matter if you are hosting your first vegan gathering or taking some tasty food to a friend/relatives may the day be perfect.

If you need last minute recipe ideas check out the recipe pages on the right. I would seriously suggest cashew nut balls,carrot cupcakes (gf) and the ginger and tofu cheesecake.


Kate Middleton Not Shooting On Boxing Day.......So What?

Apparently Kate Middleton (or Windsor) wont be shooting on the traditional royal family boxing day hunt. So what? There are varying opinions on whether it is to avoid controversy amongst animal welfare advocates or as a friend of the Duchess told the press the decision not to shoot at Sandringham "has more to do with tradition than anything else" because "ladies do not hold the gun during a shoot."

PETA are (of course) saying the decision was made because they sent her a letter telling her how cruel shooting is. Remember this is hardly Kate giving up shooting all together but likely trying to keep her carefully managed image intact, the British public wouldn't like to see her kill a pheasant. Why should there be anymore of a problem seeing her kill an animal than there is that she consumes and uses animals. It's another example of moral schizophrenia.

It is two days away from Christmas when 10 million Turkeys are killed just for the UK market. That's just one non-human animal, don't forget the butter people put on their vegetables, the milk they cook their bread sauce with, the angels or devils on horseback, the list goes on and on. Nowhere on PETA UK's front page is anything about this bigger picture. For those of us who care about the use and abuse of all non-humans Christmas can be a very sobering time of year (obviously their use is constant but tends to be heavier still at Christmas). The most ethical thing you can do on Christmas day is to make it cruelty free (aka VEGAN). Check out our recipe pages for some ideas.


A Little Christmas Present For You All! (New Recipes)

We would like to thank Christine for sending the fantastic recipes that she used to cook up
some delicious dishes for the Lincoln Veggie Fayre 2011. These include tofu swirls, ginger and lemon tofu cheesecake, chocolate and orange jelly cakes (jaffa cakes) and many more.
These can be found here:




Abattoir Worker Slits Puppy's Throat

Abattoir Worker Slits Puppys Throat
A story from the Daily Mail (sorry!), basically an ex-abattoir worker decided he wanted to rehome or put down a six month puppy (he "owned") as he said she attacked his 19 month old child. He didnt want to pay £70 for the vet to do it but he was told the RSPCA would do it for free and went home to apparently get the pup. He said the pup attacked him so he decided to kill her himself. He cut her (the puppy's) throat, he stabbed her 'between the ribs' and it will have taken between 10 and 30 minutes to die.
Sadly those society pays to kill sentient beings (the animals in the abattoir) have to become totally disconnected from what they do day to day otherwise how could they do it? It's no surprise that this man could do the same activity in his non work life. Where's the furious outcry regarding the 750 Million land animals (not including the 600 million fish) killed each year just in the UK? None of this suffering is necessary as humans thrive on a vegan diet!