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Vegan Outreach Lincoln and East Midlands FAQ'S

Who are you?
 We're a vegan group who decided that we would like to be more involved in vegan outreach in Lincoln and accross the East Midlands. More information on the founders can be found on the website. We believe it is so important to be at as many meetings,events and even pub gatherings and spread the message of what veganism is and how easy it is. We believe that veganism is the moral baseline and that that must be promoted. We dont believe that working with the animal exploitation industries (dairy/meat/marine) to make slight improvements is a positive thing  (called welfarism). This makes people more comfortable with exploitation and less likely to become vegan. We believe the best thing we can do is non-violent vegan education.

What do you do?
We are currently looking into restarting bring and shares and doing more vegan activist
We put on the East Midlands Vegan Festival in 2013 in Lincoln and it was a great success. We hope to do similar events again.

Can I join/get involved?
Yes give us an email and we'd love you to join. Whilst we are vegans we are happy for non-vegans to join provided they promote veganism and are moving towards a vegan diet. We do not want people running stalls who are promoting a non-vegan lifestyle as that goes against what we believe in.

Do you have any meetings?
 Not yet but as soon as we have a few members we'll pick a time and place that's good for all. We would like to be able to have fairly regular film screenings, debates and educational opportunities.

Are you availiable for local events?
Yes absolutely, we want to attend as many events as possible. We have experience running fairly big events and are willing get involved and help out.

Do you work with other groups?
Yes, we had our first stall at the Anarchist Skill Share in 2012 and had a great time both helping plan and on the day. We believe in connecting local (and national) groups. We have strong environmental beliefs  and believe that groups promoting these ideals should work together where possible as we have a lot in common.