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Lincoln's First Vegan Pop Up Restaurant!

Vegan pop up restaurants are increasingly popular across the UK and bigger cities around the world. Lincoln doesn't have a vegan restaurant, we have some places with limited vegan options but there is no-where to get a proper evening meal.  This is where Jez and the team come in, they have just launched Veggie Village which despite the name is a totally vegan pop up restaurant. The first one was held on Saturday 26th October  at Revival in Lincoln and the menu theme for the night was American food.

The menu was Waldorf salad for starters, then a choice of one of three flavours of Field Roast sausages (Apple and Sage, fiery Mexican Chipotle or Italian) with coleslaw, french fries and salad on the side and finally a slice of pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert!! They also did a gluten free option for Ruth, namely a GF sausage in a homemade wrap then a GF pumpkin pie. There were eight of us sat at our table and between us we had all flavours of hot dogs and the one gluten free option.

Starter... Waldorf Salad

The Waldorf salad was very tasty, lots of walnuts covered in maple syrup and slices of apple

The main... Slaw Dog

Non-vegan Geoffrey - commented on how good the Mexican Chipotle sausages were and how like "real" sausages they tasted. Marcus also found it to be pleasantly spicy.

Ilaria enjoyed the apple and sage option and couldn't resist taking a bite from Alberto's Italian sausage.

People were so impressed they were ordering packs of the Field Roast from Jez at the end... the only UK stockist outside of London no less!

Jez really went above and beyond with providing a gluten free option that was tasty. The homemade wrap was delicious and the Taifun sausage was lovely. Ruth also had the sides of fries and coleslaw.

Dessert... Pumpkin Pie and Ice Cream
We all had pumpkin pie; Ruth's GF crust was made from pecans and dates and the others had a traditional pastry crust, the pies were delicious along with the ice-cream. As you can see the portions were not small and we were even offered second slices!! Alberto and Geoffrey were only too pleased to accept and no-one was left hungry from this great event.

We also received complimentary coffee/tea and soya milk to wash it all down. 

Veggie Village, hope to run the pop-up restaurants monthly... we recommend you get your ticket early as we have a feeling it will only become more popular as word spreads! For more details go to:  https://www.facebook.com/veggievillagelincoln

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