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VOLE featured in 'Your Lincoln' magazine

In a previous article we spelled out the impressive case for veganism as the 'Environmentalist diet'. Vegan Outreach Lincoln East Midlands were featured in Your Lincoln Magazine's Spring 2012 edition on how best to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Alongside a cake-laden image from one of our stalls the article read as follows:

Vegan Diets are not as difficult as they may seem...

We (Marcus and Ruth) are both longtime vegans. Whilst animal rights reasons are at the root of this choice, there are added advantages for personal health and the environment.

Science shows switching to a plant based diet is the single best thing we can do for the planet. Animal agriculture has higher greenhouse gas emissions than any other industry (including all forms of transport combined), 51% of the total according to some studies. Similarly there are problems as regards clean water supplies, the clearing of forests and the inefficient use of land and crops.

Vegetarianism doesn't address these issues as it maintains that other animals still be farmed for their eggs, dairy etc. Seeing as none of these products are necessary heath wise, veganism can be seen as a vital part of a green lifestyle.

We are members of education group Vegan Outreach Lincoln East Midlands and both enjoy cooking and eating a wide variety of foods, including cakes such as those in our photo! You can contact us, find out more regarding veganism and what a positive, easy step it is to take, as well as get some delicious recipes at our website: http://veganoutreachuk.blogspot.com

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