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Meatout 2012: VOLE Events

Vegan Outreach Lincoln and East Midlands (VOLE) held a free food stall as well as a free food event and film screening to mark "Meatout 2012". As meat alone isn't the sole problem we gave out alternatives to various animal products; meats (duck, meatballs, beef slices, sausages etc), cheeses (Sheese, Cheezly and the much vaunted Swiss brand Vegusto) and the most important food of all...chocolate! They also offered free cupcakes and cookies to show how delicious animal-free baking is.

The university stall was met with great interest, countless many vegan leaflets were taken, many discussions were had and many compliments were given regarding the free food.

The University Stall
Film Screening Table
There was a huge spread available for the film screening and whilst the majority of attendees weren't yet vegan, they nearly to a person returned to laden their plate with seconds. Curiosity satiated that vegan food is delicious and varied they then settled down to question prevalent attititudes towards other species via 1981's The Animals Film. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
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