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PETA Advert in Australia

 PETA are at it again, totally misjudging a situation and doing more harm than good by releasing the above above advertisement at the site of a recent shark attack in Australia. 

 The ad implies that the 21 year old man  deserved the attack, because he was spearfishing when it happened. Thus adding some kind of grudge to the shark's actions when they are simply obligate, carnivorous hunters

 In the eyes of an already speciesist public the Jaws-style imagery serves only to further demonise sharks.  If there was said to be any war going on between humans and sharks, humans have certainly won long ago. We kill 73 million sharks a year (according to study in the respected scientific journal Ecology Letters), often but not only for the trade in shark fin soup, many others are left to dwindle in trawler nets or discarded as "bycatch." Unsurprisingly many species are facing extinction.

Ultimately PETA are being needlessly antagonistic, this is not going to make anyone receptive to the vegan message. They would surely be better off using their vast funds to partake in vegan education that promotes ceasing the exploitation of all animals, be they fish, shark, cow or any other non-human animal.

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