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Henry Spira: One Man's Way. A "what not to do" film.

Just watched  "One Man's Way" about Henry Spira the animal rights advocate. He seemed a very nice, well meaning man but was sadly self defeatingly welfarist in his activities. As such this is a good film to watch as a "what not to do." I did however like his closing quote:

"I guess basically one wants to feel that one’s life has amounted to more than just consuming products and generating garbage. I think that one likes to look back and say that one’s done the best one can to make this a better place for others. You can look at it from this point of view: What greater motivation can there be than doing whatever one possibly can to reduce pain and suffering? "

Certainly a good sentiment but I would personally urge animal rights advocates to call for all animal exploitation to be ended via vegan education, rather than working with corporations to make things "slightly better".

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