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The Species Barrier #36 Podcast & Show Notes

Coming up today... we reflect on London VegFest 2015 alongside organiser Tim Barford and participants Gary Francione and Alan and Frances AKA The Grumpy Old Vegans.

We're on course for the hottest year on record, the number of trees halved under human civilisation, meats as carcinogenic as smoking, Study suggests society will collapse by 2040 due to food shortages, Study labels humans "superpredators", in one year 5000 acres of greenbelt land has had it's protected status removed, Morrissey announces he's vegan and was Charlotte Church so wrong for citing climate change regarding Syrian refugees?

Grumpy Old Vegans: Alan and Frances pre-make up.

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"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." Tim, Pig Freud and Roger Yates argue over who is who...


  1. I'll go with that caption - I'm first, "the Good."

    1. Pig Freud deserves "The Bad" for sure. What is poking out of his shorts?