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Locavegan: Lincolnshire-sourced vegan food

Our local Transition group recently organised a 50 Mile meal event. As per the title all ingredients were to be sourced from within a 50 mile radius. Depending on the farming methods used and the relative eco-footprint this can be highly beneficial as it reduces the "food miles" needed to get from farm to plate.

Obviously with 51% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from animal agriculture (The WorldWatch Institute on behalf of the World Bank) it can be said to be preferable to import plants, rather than consume local animal products. To read more from this peer reviewed study see: http://www.chompingclimatechange.org/

We offered Vegetable Stew and Broad Bean dip...

All vegetables were sourced from Eden Farms in Spilsby, Lincolnshire via our usual organic veg box scheme.  See their website: http://www.edenfarms.co.uk/

Hodmedods sell Lincolnshire grown broad beans and other UK grown beans, peas and even quinoa:  http://hodmedods.co.uk/

The Co-Op offer a Lincolnshire-sourced rapeseed oil: http://lincolnshire.coop/your-society/about-us/local-sourcing/love-local/heart-of-gold-rapeseed-oil.aspx

Herbs and spices were sourced from our local allotment/garden.

Vegetable Stew:

Broad Beans
Golden Beetroot
Rapeseed Oil

1. Fry onions, garlic and leeks until translucent.

2. Add vegetables, broad beans and then boil until ready. Add seasoning to taste.

Broad Bean Dip:

Broad Beans
Rapeseed Oil

1. Cook broad beans.
2. Put ingredients in a food processor and blend.

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