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Thoughts on the killing of Badgers

Vegan Outreach Lincoln and East Midlands oppose the badger cull for one simple reason, we don't have the right to infringe on free living animals in any way. Only speciesist anthropocentrists (those who think human concerns are more important than those of other animals) can suggest we have this right. Let's explore some of the claims...

The badger cull is unscientific: That is in fact true (take this from someone who has written two essays on the subject and spent 40+ hours reading scientific papers). However, what if they come up with a study that proves it will be effective or that badgers are 100% responsible for TB in dairy herds? Will the people saying this suddenly agree with the cull? The science is irrelevant, taking the lives of non human animals remains ethically wrong.

Badgers are cute: Highly irrelevant, if they were unappealing to humans, aggressive, scaly etc they still have the right not to have their lives impacted by humans.

Fur or scales... still sentient.

Vaccination is the best option: The process of vaccination would harass, stress and undoubtedly lead to the death of some badgers. They shouldn't have to pay the price for human activity in the unethical and environmentally destructive dairy industry. They shouldn't be impacted at all.

Boycott only the dairy farms involved in the cull: All dairy farms involve rape, murder and theft. Rape of female cows to inseminate them, murder of the female cows when "spent", murder and theft of male calves. The dairy farmers as a whole are lobbying for the badger cull or for vaccination in a small minority. Just as we have no right to harass and kill badgers, they have no right to use and kill cows. A temporary boycott is not sufficient in either case.

An unethical and environmentally destructive industry

That the public seems to only care about certain species, usually cats, dogs and sometimes "pet" rabbits/hamsters etc. The rest of the time they seem to want to use them; be it for food, entertainment, clothing etc. They get riled up when "cute" looking animals/animals they have compassion for are abused/killed but turn a blind eye to our endemic use of farmed animals, animals used in scientific tests etc.

Sadly our use of non-human animals is so ingrained that it's almost impossible to avoid it all together but everyone should try. The least you can do is go vegan, by being vegan you are an example to others that it is possible to live happy and healthy lives without exploiting and/or killing fellow animals. It's so easy and to be honest even if it wasn't would that justify killing, raping and stealing from millions of non human animals?

Need help? Email veganoutreacheastmidlands@gmail.com for one on one help from long time, non judgmental vegans :)

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