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Easy and Delicious Carrot Cake Recipe with Orange Frosting

Here's one we made earlier
Ingredients for cake:
500g self raising flour
2tsp baking powder       
8tsp ground cinnamon 
4tsp grated nutmeg  
200g vegetable margarine (I use Vitalite)
200g sugar (brown)
200g golden syrup
500g  grated carrot  
1 cup coconut/soya milk- coconut milk is more creamy.

1) Melt margarine, sugar and syrup over a low heat. Stir, and take off the heat.
2) Put flour, baking powder and spices into a bowl and pour sugar mixture on top
3) Whisk and add milk
4) Stir well and then add the grated carrots
5) This makes one cake- fill a 8.5 to 9 inch cake tin and cook for arouns 25-35 mins or until a skewer comes out with just a few crumbs
6) Leave to cool then remove from cake tin.

Ingredients for Icing:
12 tbsp vitalite or pure dairy free margarine
1.5 cups of icing sugar
1 orange (rind and juice only)

1) Grate the rind off and squeeze three tsp of juice from the orange into the mixture.
2) Whisk all of the miexture together until right consistency
3) Add more icing sugar if you want thicker or more juice to make it thinner.
4) Apply the icing to the cake.

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