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Bring and Share: Wednesday 20th June

In episode one of The Species Barrier radio show we found out about Lincs2Nepal from founder Gary, on the Wednesday the 20th of June we held a vegan bring and share at the venue. The evening was a great success with around 25 people attending and Gary was glad to report that as a result that day saw the highest takings to date.
The gastronomical merriment ensues
As you would expect with a bring and share a wide variety of vegan food was brought along for the event. Everything from avocado pesto pasta to Lasagne to pizza, to sausage rolls, to cashew nut balls and many salads etc. For dessert Ruth had made iced doughnuts and espresso chocolate chip cookies, suffice to say it was all very well received and people also purchased tea and cake in order to further support Lincs2Nepal’s work.
Tempting tasters
We were kindly sent some Kara chocolate coconut milk so instead of hoarding it as Ruth was tempted to we took it to the meet up to see what everyone thought of it. Kara’s coconut milks are widely available in supermarkets and join a wide range of alternatives to cow’s milk, along with soya, almond, hazelnut, quinoa, hemp and rice milks.
We asked the attendees what they thought of the evening, listen in to episode two of the The Species Barrier entitled "Vegan Children" for the result.
Everyone is welcome to attend and if you’d like to come to a future meetup then follow Vegan Outreach Lincoln East Midlands on facebook or this blog for a heads up.

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