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A Vegan Taste Of Cumbria

Typically when we visit an area we will fire up Happy Cow to check which places best cater to vegans. Sadly The Lake District doesn't have any exclusively vegan places to eat that we can in good faith fully promote on ethical grounds. However there are two stand out candidates for places that will at least deliver tasty, nutritious vegan meals should you wish to visit them. These are the vegetarian daytime cafe in Keswick The Lakeland Pedlar and the more traditional vegetarian restauant/hotel at Lancrigg (specifically The Green Valley restaurant) in Grasmere.

The Lakeland Pedlar Shop Front
The Lakeland Pedlar Bike Shop & Wholefood Cafe

The Lakeland Pedlar combines a bicycle shop with a wholefood cafe. It is quite casual, laid back and dog friendly so your companions are free to join you at the dinner table.

The menu clearly states which options are either vegan or can be adapted into a vegan option. There are daily specials for soups and main meals. Marcus had the day's smoothie (Raspberry and banana), the day's special of Lentil Shepherd's Pie and salad, whilst Ruth had gluten-free Nachos and salsa. There were several vegan cake options including carrot cake and raspberry slices. Marcus picked the hefty chunk of chocolate cake, sadly there were no gluten-free vegan options for dessert so Ruth had to go without. All of our choices were satisfying and tasty.

The Lakeland Pedlar opens 9am every day and closes 4.30pm weekdays and 5pm weekends. Vegan Society members can claim 10% off.

Restaurant View L
Lancrigg's Green Valley Restaurant

The egg and dairy selling Lancrigg advertises in The Vegan Society magazine much to the chagrin of Professor Gary L. Francione. Whatever we make of the decision to promote their business in a vegan publication, the onsite Green Valley restaurant certainly can be said to be experienced in catering to vegans with high-end, delicious options available.

There are a selection of appertisers and starters, most of which are suitable for vegans. Marcus had the bruschetta and sage pate, Ruth the gluten-free chickpea and coriander falafels, both came with a salad garnish. For the main Marcus had pumpkin and cashew tart with ratatouille, potatoes etc, Ruth had roasted vegetable salad with smoked tofu and seeds. For dessert Ruth had chocolate mousse and coconut sorbet, whilst Marcus had chocolate, toffee and nut ice cream sundae. To drink we had organic pomegranate juice, a coffee and Egyptian Licorice tisane. All meals were decadent and made to a very high standard. Accordingly it is not cheap and for many it will be best saved for special occasions.

The Green Valley restaurant is available for outside bookings or to users of the hotel. Lancrigg have extensive, beautiful forested grounds (with a waterfall as a backdrop) which are well worth exploring whilst there.


  1. I'm afraid the Pedlar has since changed hands now serve meat and fish, definitely not vegetarian any more, sorry.

  2. I will also say, the Lankrigg is still vegetarian and do the most wonderful Vegan food too, I was treated by my family for my birthday last year, heavenly! I'm pleased you do still promote veggi places, thanks.

  3. I am a regular customer of the Quaker Tapestry in Kendal, Cumbria and wondered whether you might consider adding it to your list. It is a very pleasant cafe and offers a range of veggie and vegan dishes. I have been going for years and was surprised to not see it listed. Please advise: http://www.quaker-tapestry.co.uk/cafe Yours sincerely, Mr A Halsey. Thank you for your helpful site.

  4. Chesters near windemere is fully vegan. Owners are vegan, food is vegan.

  5. Its called Chesters by the river. Its in Ambleside.