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Vegan Health and Fitness

If you're already vegan or going vegan and want some very good, healthy recipes I would seriously suggest getting hold of "Thrive Foods". It's the third in the series of thrive books written by a vegan ironman triathlete and creator of the vegan supplement range Vega, Brendan Brazier. The first two books, "Thrive Diet" and "Thrive Fitness" are good but a little overwhelming for someone who isn't a professional athlete and wants easy meals. Although the pizza from the first thrive book is amazing, not pizza in the traditional sense but so delicious (in fact we've just had if for lunch!).

As well as being vegan the recipes avoid common allergens, processed corn,wheat,gluten and soy. It's not just a cook book but explains what foods are best for top health, it's a really interesting read even if you don't stick to it totally (we certainly don't).

Brendan recommends certain harder to find foods such as stevia (sugar substitute can be bought on ebay) and maca powder for endurance. If you decide to add these to your diet then we recently found a vegan company (always good to support them first!) called Organic Burst that does maca powder,wheat grass and some other food supplements. Do you need to have all these extra supplements? No, you can live very healthily without them but for those with chronic illness, who are very active, catch every virus etc then a little boost can certainly help.
 Organic Burst (honestly we're not getting paid for this!) are nominated under best new product for the Natural Lifestyle Awards 2011, they're a small vegan company so need help getting known, taking two minutes out your day to vote for them would be great. http://www.targetnaturalmedia.com/nl_awards_2011.php

 Another book we got over Christmas was Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by the very well known (and loved) vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke. It's a great book to have around for when your beloved (but highly irritating) uncle visits and tells you that all vegans are puny weaklings. Robert most certainly isn't puny and calling him weak would be a mistake. The book sets out how he eats, trains and lives as a vegan. It has sections for serious athletes such as how to get sponsored and some for us mere mortals such as how to get motivated in the first place! An all around enjoyable and inspirational book.

  If you are getting into weight lifting or bodybuilding the best vegan protein powders to get are hemp, pea or brown rice, either separately or if you combine them they're a great compliment to each other. Obviously you can get plenty of protein from your food generally but straight after a hard workout having a big meal can prove taxing for the digestive system.

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