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Lincoln Veggie Fayre 2011 - A thank you

We had a stall at the Lincoln Veggie Fayre which we (as individuals not VOLE) have co-organised for the last two years. Ruth gave a speech titled "How Best to Help Animals" which will be available both as an audio file and a written version on here soon. Despite being a wide ranging, challenging critique of animal rights, animal welfare organisations, NIMBYs, campaigner egos, vegetarians et al the speech was well received with around 25 people attending it.

Our stall encouraged great debate and interest regarding veganism. We gave out plenty of leaflets and hope they will provoke deep thought regarding animal ethics. We thank The Vegan Society, The Boston Vegan Association and our friends at Vegan UK for those. Also much thanks to Richard for helping us get the message out there.

The experience of the last few years have shown us how effective and positive providing lots of free vegan food and free entry can be in enticing people in to receive a vegan message. We have fought for both these aspects to remain in place as we truly believe it is education rather than a profit motive that lends integrity to such an event. Originally the Fayre was founded as a free vegan food giveaway with free entry and for this year at least it was able to remain somewhat true to those principles.

With help from some truly inspirational kitchen volunteers (Christine, Joe, James and Nicky) we were able to make an entire room's worth of diverse food. From health to comfort foods, we had cupcakes, cashew balls, salads, cookies, cheesecakes etc for all to enjoy. All recipes available on our blog.

Our only regret is that we couldn't make MORE food available but believe us when we say we tried our best. 

Below are some photos of the food from the Friday night, before it was unleashed on the public. More to come from the day itself amongst other things...

Lots of goodies

pizza rolls,jaffa cakes, ginger cookies and chocolate drops- all vegan!

Quinoa mixed bean salad,healthy and delicious!

Gluten free carot cupcakes,chocolate chip cookies and quinoa mixed bean salad.

"sausage rolls",diabetic chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies

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