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After Bransby

Had a successful day of vegan outreach at Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, giving out lots of leaflets, having conversations and selling cupcakes and other goodies. Because of this we will be making donations to the oceans-protecting work of The Sea Shepherd http://www.seashepherd.org/ and to the listener supported, vegan radio show, Go vegan with Bob Linden http://www.goveganradio.com/. All leftover cupcakes and other goodies have gone to feeding homeless people at The Nomad Trust http://www.nomadtrust.org.uk/.

Flapjacks,Chocolate Chip Cookies,Tiffin and Cupcakes

Francione Literature on the Wall

Not keen on "meat free for under a fiver" as it makes a false distinction between meat and other animal products, however it contains all vegan content. Next time we shall have literature from our friends at Vegan UK.

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