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Ruth's Raw Diary- Day 6

Wow, we're up to day 6 already. I'll be honest and admit I craved sugar a lot yesterday as I was icing a banoffee cake (not raw!), I may have tried a bit of the icing just to make sure it was perfect. I am also starting to crave hot soup as the temperature drops, maybe tomorrow i'll make a mix veg raw soup for lunch.

Had my usual shake today then a carrot salad with mixed veg and sprouted quinoa, yummy! Had another Pulsin bar. I'm knackered today after a long night so had courgette with pesto only this time I added tomatoes,mushrooms and olives to the pasta and some sprouted lentils.

For dessert I had carob powder and coffee with almond milk and stevia so like a hot mocha then a gojiberry and orange bar from www.therawchocolatecompany.com  I didnt like it as much a the vanoffee bars we had yesterday as it had a slight after taste, could be because I'm not keen on gojiberries. The vanoffee bars I had yesterday evening were out of this world, creamy and soo morish they were gone in 3 seconds and missed for a long time.

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