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Ruth's Final Raw Day

So it's my final day raw and I have really enjoyed it. I will be continuing to eat a 80% raw diet with some cooked dinners and odd treats here and there. I have made some new favorite dishes like raw pesto and courgette pasta and decided I like raw soup when warmed to baby bottle warm. I will be having green shakes every other day now. I have to admit it's been a busy week so I haven't cooked as many new dishes as I would have liked to so will keep posting raw recipe ideas on here for a while and likely bring a raw dessert to the Vegan Outreach Bring and Share on Friday 18th 6:30pm at Lincs2nepal.  I'm making a raw cheesecake now to give it a go and am excited, if there's any left i'll bring it into Lincs2Nepal tomorrow for people to try.

Why wont I be staying completely raw? Well I have to say it takes more planning than a vegan diet, I also do miss crisps (and I dont eat many, maybe a bag a fortnight), I miss my lentil soup especially now it's so cold. I have loved trying the raw goodies but I couldn't afford to buy them often, a raw bar costs £3 whereas my chocolate from lidl costs 99p!

I have had plenty of energy on a raw diet, something I thought I wouldn't have and haven't felt particularly hungry. 

I think we could all do with adding a lot more raw food to our diet and a 75-90% raw diet would be ideal. It's so easy to have a green smoothie for breakfast or carry one around as a snack, pick up a piece of fruit, get a naked bar from the supermarket or replace pasta with courgettes peeled. Why not try and have a big salad for lunch, salads can be so diverse and leave you feeling energized.  Raw broccoli and avocado soup is so creamy and why says soup needs to be steaming hot?

I would recommend Live Raw by Mimi Kirk it has some easy recipes and doesn't need a dehydrator for many recipes. I would also recommend www.shineonraw.com  , Rebecca is lovely and is featured on the latest Species Barrier that will be out soon, she has some great advice and recipes. 

Do let us know if you want to give a raw week a try, we'd love to help and hear your stories.

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