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Ruth Pre-Raw

I start my raw week tomorrow (6th January) and am quite excited after a chat with Rebecca Kane from www.shineonraw.com. She's so enthusiastic that it's contagious and some of the meals she recommended sound absolutely delicious! I thought I'd answer a few pre-raw questions.

What is your current diet?
I'm a vegan and don't eat wheat due to an allergy. I enjoy healthy foods but am also partial to sugary chocolate treats.

Describe an average days food intake.
I always have oats with soya milk for breakfast with an apple or some other fruit and some pea protein powder, I eat lots of dried dates and fruit both with breakfast and for a snack. About four hours later I have a large salad, at the moment i'm addicted to kale and rub it with salt and lemon juice then fry up some leeks and kidney beans, have some raw carrots, cucumber,tomatoes, black olives and pickled onions. Mid afternoon I have rice crackers and houmous or a pack of soya crisps or some fruit or smoked tofu. Dinner is always cooked and varies from lasagnas to roast dinners, thick soups to stir frys.  I tend to have a snack before dinner and is similar to my earlier snacks, this is after my daily chocolate with coffee.
If I do weights I have a protein shake with brown rice protein, bananas, cocoa powder and stevia.

How active are you?

 Fairly, Lilly and Molly need walking at least once a day. I walk most places and do weights and interval training 3-4 times a week and have started martial arts.

What are you looking forward to?

Trying out some yummy new dishes and being inventive in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to trying out a carrot cake recipe and some raw chocolate and other goodies.
It's great it's all wheat free.

What arent you looking forward to?

Um, i'll miss hot soup if it gets cold.

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