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Raw Day 4 and 5

Sorry for the delay posting this Wednesday was a blurr. I stayed up all night Tuesday night editing the species barrier radio show. So I ate a lot in the night I do when I do an all nighter. The pulsin bars came in very handy and so did Kale with salt and yeast flakes. I also ate a few pieces of fruit. I have to say it's the healthiest all nighter I've even pulled. I tried the raw chocolate bar from pulsin and if possible it was even nicer than their berry bar! Not to nutty and very chocolaty, it also doesnt give you a sugar rush. I forgot to mention last time that pulsin donate 1% of profits to www.beeguardianfoundation.org, how awesome are they? You can find them at www.pulsin.co.uk

Back to my evening usually I reach for crisps (and yes I was craving them) and sugar but with the healthy raw options I avoided this.

  I had my usual shake Wednesday at 9am then popped to the studio to hand it in. I finally slept at 1pm so didnt eat lunch. Dinner was a chilli made with carrots, tomatoes and  hot peppers blended with sweet potato, celery and and mushrooms  to give crunch. It was tasty and heated to baby bottle warm, in fact I quite like food like that now.

Today I had my usual shake then an apple, a plum. Then for lunch I had a lovely raw bolognase from Rebecca's latest email, you must sign up if you havent already she sends great tips and recipes. Marcus commented how much longer it takes to eat raw food which in my opinion is good as you're not just woolfing it down. I'm planning on having grated beetroot and carrots with a little kale for dinner. Then after dinner I have a selection of amazing looking raw chocolate bars from the raw chocolate company. I've already tried their raw chocolate and mulberries today, I quite liked them but Marcus adored them so i'll swap him the rest of my half for his half of one of the vanoffee bars! hehe
You can find them at  http://www.therawchocolatecompany.com/

If I have time i'll make a raw cheesecake. I've got fresh strawberries in to go on top.

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