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Raw Day 2

After a successful and tasty first day i'm onto day 2. I prepared my shake last night with a few more spinach leaves ( it's amazing you cant taste them) and made more almond milk. I now prefer coffee with fresh almond milk to soya milk, it's amazing and so creamy.

Lunch was the same as yesterday as I have a radio show to edit so no time to mess around un-cooking.

I went for an hour 20 minute walk with the dogs and had plenty of energy, had a few dates and an almonds when I came home and that sustained me until lunch.

After lunch we received a parcel with samples of raw goodies from the wonderful people at pulsin. These are the two varieties they sent us. I've just had most of a berry bar (trying to save some for later!) and it's sooo moreish. Cant wait to try the chocolate one!!

Dinner tonight will be a recipe from Rebecca's blog a avocado soup http://www.shineonraw.com/tasty/day-16-turn-your-shine-on/. Will let you know how it goes.

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