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Raw Day 2 Evening and Day 3

It turned out my avocado was too hard to blend last night so I had broccoli soup warmed to baby bottle warm. The recipe is from Live Raw. It was quite nice although I added extra salt and herbs but I guess I have strong tastes.

After my workout I had a smoothie with raw hemp protein from myprotein.com, not cheap but not expensive for a raw protein. I was researching protein in a raw diet yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how much protein fruits and veg have in them and if you're sprouting as I am there's even more protein. However after a weights session I dont feel like eating a load of spinach so I have a protein shake.

Tried some different raw goodies yesterday and today. To start with I tried two types of chocolate from Mr Popple a strong 69% and a orange chocolate. The 69% one was a little dark despite me normally eating 75% "normal" chocolate. The orange one was divine. Next time i'll try their mint one and their super fruits one and their flower power one....who am I kidding I want to try them all! Here's where you can find them http://www.mrpoppleschocolate.co.uk/shop.htm

Next up is an amazing bar I picked up in HK but you can undoubtedly get in the UK. It's a chocolate raspberry truffle bar by raw revolution.  It's my favorite bar so far as it doesnt taste to nutty or maybe I mean it doesnt have nutty pieces in it. I'm not a huge fan of nuts but like nut butters and this had a nice amount of raspberry and chocolate in it too.
Finally today is chocolate coconut butter, perfect as a pick me up! You can see i'm not starving on a raw diet but long term I'd have to learn to make my own bars as these are expensive and raw chocolate can be 3 quid a bar! I guess they're luxuries though.

Last night I made raw carrot cake cupcakes, all I can say is they were a disaster and a friends pigs will be having them. I'll keep trying with raw deserts and plan to make cheesecake next. 

Breakfast and lunch were the same as the last 2 days with the addition of quinoa sprouts in my salad. Tomorrow I must try something new for lunch the problem is I adore kale salads and they're lovely and filling.  Dinner was mushroom soup from the Live Raw cookbook, it was creamy and very quick and easy to make. 

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