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Day 1 Raw

Had my last cooked meal for a while last night, was very yummy, carrot and swede, roasted parsnips and celeriac, cabbage and tomato kidney beans. 

Bit steamy!

Started this morning with a green smoothie it had a banana, berries, homemade nut milk, dates and spinach. It was very tasty and surprisingly filling.

Ok not the nicest colour but yummy.

 I made the almond milk with 1 cup of almonds, 4 cups of water and 1 date. The recipe is from Rebecca at Shine on Raw and is very creamy and the perfect sweetness. You just blend it then strain it through muslin or a very fine sieve. I used the grounds to make nut balls with carob and more dates then rolled in carob, perfect for an after workout snack.

I will have an apple as a mid morning snack, a nut ball or three after my workout then i'm going to have a big kale salad massaged with avocado for lunch.  I popped to the supermarket and got some fresh basil and pine nuts so i'll make courgette pasta with a pesto for dinner.

I'm going out today but will just drink herbal tea (instead of wine) and eat before I go. I'll bring a naked custard and rhubarb raw bar in case I'm hungry



  1. Well done - look forward to hearing more!

    Happy New Year!

    K&S :)

  2. Ruth - Vegan OutreachJan 10, 2013, 11:45:00 PM

    Thanks guys!

    Hopefully see you at some point this year!